Q: How long does an acupuncture visit take?

A: Please allow about one hour for your visit.  In some cases more time is required.

Q: Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my visit?

A.  For your first visit, if possible, please refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages in the 12 hours prior to your appointment.  Also, please do not brush your tongue or eat things that discolor the tongue, such as blueberries, colored candies, colored soda, etc.   Don’t  skip  meals  -  acupuncture  needs  energy  to  “run”  on,  just  as  your  car  needs  fuel!

Q: What will I feel like after an acupuncture treatment? 

A: Most people feel very relaxed and rejuvenated after acupuncture.  Some feel energized.  Though you can certainly continue with  your normal scheduled activities, you may find that you desire to "take it a little easier" in order to enjoy the calm focused state. 

Q: What should I wear for acupuncture? 

A: You may either bring or wear loose comfortable clothing or you may use  a  sheet  or  gown,  if  this  is  necessary. 

Q: How many treatments will I need? 

A: The best and most accurate way to answer this question is during the comprehensive health evaluation visit.  This is because a conventional medicine diagnosis, for example "arthritis", is only a starting point for determining the Chinese Medicine diagnosis.  The acupuncturist determines which underlying patterns are responsible for the condition and uses this information to create a highly individualized treatment plan.   During your visit, this is fully explained and any questions you may have about your treatment will be answered.  Although it may seem mysterious, the basic concepts of Oriental Medicine are very easy to understand. 

Q: I am also receiving another type of medical care.  Is it okay to have acupuncture treatment at the same time? 

A: In most cases this is perfectly fine.   It’s  helpful to tell your acupuncturist about other types of care you are currently receiving, so that any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan may be made. 

Q: I feel like I'm getting a cold. Should I cancel my appointment? 

A. As long as you feel well enough to make the trip, this is a good time to visit the clinic. There are many helpful treatments for all stages of colds and flu's. The best is prevention - a program based on your individual pattern, which promotes strength and balance so you are less susceptible. Treatment for the initial stage (scratchy throat, sneezing, feeling run down) helps to promote your body's immune response and often can stop the cold in its tracks. Even if the illness get past your defenses, its intensity and duration can be greatly reduced.